Agent’s FAQ


Can I use the service without paying?

We are relatively offering the service at affordable prices to every agent in Singapore. If you feel you want to try out our service please write to us

How long does it take to display the listing?

If you are a paid member, the listing will be displaying immediately.

Why my google map / location is not displaying?

You may not have entered the right parameter / address in the map. We go through every listing once submitted, our customer service personnel will be fixing it even before you notice it, if not please send us an email to we will fix it for you.

I don’t have time to do the listing can you help me?

Yes, please send us the details we will upload it for you.

Can I share my membership?

We do not allow the sharing of membership with others due to safety and other privacy reasons.

We are not happy with the service am I eligible for refund?

We are sorry to hear this, at the same time we respect your view. One of our customer service manager will contact you to listen to your concerns and try to help you at the same time we will increase the quality of our service too. If you still not convinced we will refund you at the pro-rata basis of the service you still owe.(You pay only for what you used) also we don’t delete your existing listings and accounts until it expires.

I cannot able to post the listing / can’t able to pay online?

Don’t worry, we are just a call away – please contact during business hours on +65 6602 8070